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Graduates from the BA in History at UADY will have developed the following profile:
Have knowledge about:

  • Epistemological theories and approaches to history
  • Historiography
  • Social sciences
  • Methods and techniques of historical research
  • Historical processes that allow us to understand the current reality of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and other countries.
  • Methodology for preparing projects, reports, articles and historical books

Haveskills to:

  • Apply the methods and techniques of historical research
  • Develop scientific documents (articles, books, papers)
  • Disseminate information and historical knowledge in mass media
  • Teaching history
  • Identify, organize, sort and select sources or documents
  • Operating systems for recording and cataloguing of documents

Will adopt the following attitudes:

  • Demonstrate an interest in the foundations of ideas, knowledge, information, and social life.
  • Explore interdisciplinary approaches in search of new and better explanations.
  • Show diligence and thoroughness in handling information.
  • Have rigor and consistency in the argument.
  • Be committed to continuous updating.
  • Shows willingness to participate in collegial activities, teamwork and discussion of ideas.

Assume the following values:

  • Objectivity in their opinions
  • Honesty regarding their own or another source of ideas
  • Freedom of opinion and thought
  • Recognition and respect for other cultures
  • Relevance of their activities and professional history

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