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The BA Degree in History incorporates the following features and components from the educational model of UADY:

  • The student is the protagonist in the teaching-learning process, which makes him/her the builder of his/her own training.
  • A flexible program that includes, in addition to core subjects, electives that contribute to the formation of a personalized professional profile, and freely elected subjects that contribute to the students integral formation; in addition, the program allows for and encourages the transfer of credits from students student mobility and diversification of learning.
  • Development of a critical sense and social sensitivity with active participation in social, economic and environmental problems, through the promotion of socially responsible entrepreneurial culture issues.
  • Student mobility inside and outside the university in national and international institutions, as a learning experience that promotes awareness and respect for cultural diversity.
  • Innovation in study modes, using information and communication technologies, as well as participation in real learning scenarios to benefit their education.
  • A redesigned educational program based on specific generic and basic discipline skills.

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