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Core, Elective and Free Courses

The curriculum is organized on a credit system. The student must cover a total of 322 credits distributed as follows:

Credits from mandatory core courses


Credits from elective courses


Credits from free courses


Credits from Outreach Program




Mandatory Core courses are those that include all the basic knowledge a historian must possess, and therefore must be attended (218 credits).

The electives are those that the student chooses, in accordance with their research areas, and may be theoretical, methodological, or topic related. These subjects can be chosen from among all the academic courses offered on Campus, i.e., you can choose subjects that are part of the degree in History, but also from the syllabi offered in other degree programs on Campus (62 credits).

Free courses are those whose contents are different from the ones offered in the degree in History and are chosen according to student interest and contribute to their comprehensive training. These courses are available within or outside the Faculty of Anthropological Sciences. (30 credits)

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